Indoor Silver Brass Nameplate #6


Add text EXACTLY how you would like it engraved.



This plate is a premium leaded brass plate and measures 1.5 inches tall x 3.00 inches wide. The corners are square.

This plate can be attached to the following products: Traditional Urns, Figurine Urns, Tower Urns, and Horse Urns. (For Vase Urns and K-9 Cottage Urns select Indoor Brass Nameplate #2.)

Each nameplate comes with double-sided tape on the back so you can easily attach it to almost any surface (wood, metal, plastic, ceramic etc.)

We can engrave up to 5 lines of text and we recommend 30 characters per line. Up to 40 characters per line is permitted, however, the plate may appear crowded. If you require more than this, please contact us at (651) 450-7727.